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§ 158.63
Reporting requirements: Public agency.
(a) The public agency must provide quarterly reports to air carriers collecting PFCs for the public agency with a copy to the appropriate FAA Airports Office. The quarterly report must include:
(1) Actual PFC revenue received from collecting air carriers, interest earned, and project expenditures for the quarter;
(2) Cumulative actual PFC revenue received, interest earned, project expenditures, and the amount committed for use on currently approved projects, including the quarter;
(3) The PFC level for each project; and
(4) Each project's current schedule.
(b) The report shall be provided on or before the last day of the calendar month following the calendar quarter or other period agreed by the public agency and collecting carrier.
(c) For medium and large hub airports, the public agency must provide to the FAA, by July 1 of each year, an estimate of PFC revenue to be collected for each airport in the following fiscal year.
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