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§ 302.419
Modification or dissolution of enforcement actions.
Whenever any party to a proceeding, in which an order of the Department has been issued pursuant to section 46101 of the Statute or an injunction or other form of enforcement action has been issued by a court of competent jurisdiction pursuant to section 46106 of the Statute, believes that changed conditions of fact or law or the public interest require that said order or judicial action be modified or set aside, in whole or in part, such party may file with the Department a motion requesting that the Department take such administrative action or join in applying to the appropriate court for such judicial action, as the case may be. The motion shall state the changes desired and the changed circumstances warranting such action, and shall include the materials and argument in support thereof. The motion shall be served on each party to the proceeding in which the enforcement action was taken. Within thirty (30) days after the service of such motion, any party so served may file an answer thereto. The Department shall dispose of the motion by such procedure as it deems appropriate.