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§ 139.341
Identifying, marking, and lighting construction and other unserviceable areas.
(a) In a manner authorized by the Administrator, each certificate holder must—
(1) Mark and, if appropriate, light in a manner authorized by the Administrator—
(i) Each construction area and unserviceable area that is on or adjacent to any movement area or any other area of the airport on which air carrier aircraft may be operated;
(ii) Each item of construction equipment and each construction roadway, which may affect the safe movement of aircraft on the airport; and
(iii) Any area adjacent to a NAVAID that, if traversed, could cause derogation of the signal or the failure of the NAVAID; and
(2) Provide procedures, such as a review of all appropriate utility plans prior to construction, for avoiding damage to existing utilities, cables, wires, conduits, pipelines, or other underground facilities.
(b) FAA Advisory Circulars contain methods and procedures for identifying and marking construction areas that are acceptable to the Administrator.