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Pt. 151, App. B
Appendix B to Part 151
There is set forth below an itemization of typical eligible and ineligible items of site preparation as covered by § 151.75 of this chapter:

Typical Eligible Items

1. General site preparation:
(a) Clearing of site.
(b) Grubbing of site.
(c) Grading of site.
(d) Storm drainage of site.
2. Erosion control.
3. Grading to remove obstructions.
4. Grading for installing navigation aids on airport property.
5. Dredging of seaplane anchorages and channels.

Typical Ineligible Items

1. Specific site preparation (not a part of an over-all site preparation project) for:
(a) Hangars and other buildings ineligible under the Act.
(b) Public parking facilities for passenger automobiles.
(c) Industrial and other non-airport purposes.
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