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§ 380.64
Department action on a registration application.
(a) After a registration is received, one of the following actions will be taken.
(1) The application will be approved by the stamping of the effective date of registration on OST Form 4530 and returning the duplicate copy of the form to the operator;
(2) Additional information will be requested for the applicant;
(3) The applicant will be notified that its application will require further analysis or procedures, or is being referred to the Department for formal action;
(4) The registration application will be rejected if it does not comply with the filing requirements of this subpart;
(5) The application will be approved subject to such terms, conditions, or limitations as may be required by the public interest; or
(6) The registration application will be rejected for reasons relating to the failure of effective reciprocity or if the Department finds that it would be in the public interest to do so.
(b) One of the actions described in paragraph (a) of this section will normally be taken within 60 days after the registration application is received. The Department will also consider requests for faster action that include a full explanation of the need for expedited action.