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§ 221.141
Method of revoking concurrence.
(a) A concurrence may be revoked by filing with the Department a Notice of Revocation of Concurrence prepared in a form acceptable to the Office of International Aviation.
(b) Sixty days' notice required. Such Notice of Revocation of Concurrence shall be filed on not less than sixty days' notice to the Department. A Notice of Revocation of Concurrence will be deemed to be filed only upon its actual receipt by the Department, and the period of notice shall commence to run only from such actual receipt.
(c) Number of copies. Each Notice of Revocation of Concurrence shall be prepared in triplicate. The original thereof shall be filed with the Department and, at the same time that the original is transmitted to the Department, the duplicate thereof shall be sent to the carrier to whom the concurrence was given. The third copy shall be retained by the carrier issuing such notice.
(d) Amendment of tariffs when concurrence revoked. When a concurrence is revoked, a corresponding amendment of the tariff or tariffs affected shall be made by the issuing carrier of such tariffs, on not less than statutory notice, to become effective not later than the effective date stated in the Notice of Revocation of Concurrence. In the event of failure to so amend the tariff or tariffs, the provisions therein shall remain applicable until lawfully canceled.