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§ 147.21
General curriculum requirements.
(a) An applicant for an aviation maintenance technician school certificate and rating, or for an additional rating, must have an approved curriculum that is designed to qualify his students to perform the duties of a mechanic for a particular rating or ratings.
(b) The curriculum must offer at least the following number of hours of instruction for the rating shown, and the instruction unit hour shall not be less than 50 minutes in length—
(1) Airframe—1,150 hours (400 general plus 750 airframe).
(2) Powerplant—1,150 hours (400 general plus 750 powerplant).
(3) Combined airframe and powerplant—1,900 hours (400 general plus 750 airframe and 750 powerplant).
(c) The curriculum must cover the subjects and items prescribed in appendixes B, C, or D, as applicable. Each item must be taught to at least the indicated level of proficiency, as defined in appendix A.
(d) The curriculum must show—
(1) The required practical projects to be completed;
(2) For each subject, the proportions of theory and other instruction to be given; and
(3) A list of the minimum required school tests to be given.
(e) Notwithstanding the provisions of paragraphs (a) through (d) of this section and § 147.11, the holder of a certificate issued under subpart B of this part may apply for and receive approval of special courses in the performance of special inspection and preventive maintenance programs for a primary category aircraft type certificated under § 21.24(b) of this chapter. The school may also issue certificates of competency to persons successfully completing such courses provided that all other requirements of this part are met and the certificate of competency specifies the aircraft make and model to which the certificate applies.
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