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§ 11.81
What information must I include in my petition for an exemption?
You must include the following information in your petition for an exemption and submit it to FAA as soon as you know you need an exemption.
(a) Your name and mailing address and, if you wish, other contact information such as a fax number, telephone number, or e-mail address;
(b) The specific section or sections of 14 CFR from which you seek an exemption;
(c) The extent of relief you seek, and the reason you seek the relief;
(d) The reasons why granting your request would be in the public interest; that is, how it would benefit the public as a whole;
(e) The reasons why granting the exemption would not adversely affect safety, or how the exemption would provide a level of safety at least equal to that provided by the rule from which you seek the exemption;
(f) A summary we can publish in the Federal Register, stating:
(1) The rule from which you seek the exemption; and
(2) A brief description of the nature of the exemption you seek;
(g) Any additional information, views or arguments available to support your request; and
(h) If you want to exercise the privileges of your exemption outside the United States, the reason why you need to do so.