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§ 147.15
Space requirements.
An applicant for an aviation maintenance technician school certificate and rating, or for an additional rating, must have such of the following properly heated, lighted, and ventilated facilities as are appropriate to the rating he seeks and as the Administrator determines are appropriate for the maximum number of students expected to be taught at any time:
(a) An enclosed classroom suitable for teaching theory classes.
(b) Suitable facilities, either central or located in training areas, arranged to assure proper separation from the working space, for parts, tools, materials, and similar articles.
(c) Suitable area for application of finishing materials, including paint spraying.
(d) Suitable areas equipped with washtank and degreasing equipment with air pressure or other adequate cleaning equipment.
(e) Suitable facilities for running engines.
(f) Suitable area with adequate equipment, including benches, tables, and test equipment, to disassemble, service, and inspect.
(1) Ignition, electrical equipment, and appliances;
(2) Carburetors and fuel systems; and
(3) Hydraulic and vacuum systems for aircraft, aircraft engines, and their appliances.
(g) Suitable space with adequate equipment, including tables, benches, stands, and jacks, for disassembling, inspecting, and rigging aircraft.
(h) Suitable space with adequate equipment for disassembling, inspecting, assembling, troubleshooting, and timing engines.
[Amdt. 147-2, 35 FR 5533, Apr. 3, 1970, as amended by Amdt. 147-5, 57 FR 28959, June 29, 1992]