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§ 375.35
Free transportation.
(a) Foreign civil aircraft may be navigated in the United States by a foreign air carrier for the transportation of persons and property specified in paragraph (b) of this section over the following non-traffic segments provided such transportation is not for compensation or hire:
(1) Between two or more points in the United States;
(2) Between a point in the United States named in the carrier's section 402 permit or exemption, and a point outside the United States not so named, when authorized in accordance with the provisions of part 216 of this chapter to carry blind sector traffic to or from such unnamed foreign point; and
(3) Between a point in the United States and a point outside thereof when the carrier lands at the United States point for non-traffic purposes in exercise of the privilege granted under the International Air Services Transit Agreement.
(b) Free transportation may be provided under this section for the following categories of persons and property:
(1) Directors, officers and employees, and their parents and immediate families, of the foreign air carrier operating the aircraft;
(2) Directors, officers and employees, and their parents and immediate families, of an air carrier or another foreign air carrier traveling pursuant to a pass interchange arrangement;
(3) Travel agents being transported for the purpose of familiarizing themselves with the carrier's services, if the agents are under no obligation to sell the transporting carrier's services;
(4) Witnesses and attorneys attending any legal investigation in which any such foreign air carrier is involved;
(5) Persons injured in aircraft accidents and physicians and nurses attending such persons;
(6) Any persons or property with the object of providing relief in cases of general epidemic, natural disaster or other catastrophe;
(7) Any person who has the duty of guarding foreign government officials travelling on official business; and
(8) Guests of a foreign air carrier (including members of the press) on delivery flights of newly-acquired or newly-renovated aircraft.
(c) A charge reasonably related to the value of meals and beverages furnished enroute shall not be deemed to constitute compensation or hire for purposes of this section.