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§ 27.1163
Powerplant accessories.
(a) Each engine-mounted accessory must—
(1) Be approved for mounting on the engine involved;
(2) Use the provisions on the engine for mounting; and
(3) Be sealed in such a way as to prevent contamination of the engine oil system and the accessory system.
(b) Unless other means are provided, torque limiting means must be provided for accessory drives located on any component of the transmission and rotor drive system to prevent damage to these components from excessive accessory load.
[Amdt. 27-2, 33 FR 964, Jan. 26, 1968, as amended by Amdt. 27-20, 49 FR 6849, Feb. 23, 1984; Amdt. 27-23, 53 FR 34214, Sept. 2, 1988]