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§ 417.229
Far-field overpressure blast effects analysis.
(a) General. A flight safety analysis must establish flight commit criteria that protect the public from any hazard associated with far field blast overpressure effects due to potential explosions during launch vehicle flight and demonstrate compliance with the public risk criterion of § 417.107(b).
(b) Analysis constraints. The analysis must account for:
(1) The potential for distant focus overpressure or overpressure enhancement given current meteorological conditions and terrain characteristics;
(2) The potential for broken windows due to peak incident overpressures below 1.0 psi and related casualties;
(3) The explosive capability of the launch vehicle at impact and at altitude and potential explosions resulting from debris impacts, including the potential for mixing of liquid propellants;
(4) Characteristics of the launch vehicle flight and the surroundings that would affect the population's susceptibility to injury, such as, shelter types and time of day of the proposed launch;
(5) Characteristics of the potentially affected windows, including their size, location, orientation, glazing material, and condition; and
(6) The hazard characteristics of the potential glass shards, such as falling from upper building stories or being propelled into or out of a shelter toward potentially occupied spaces.