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§ 193.7
What does it mean for the FAA to designate information as protected?
(a) General. When the FAA issues an order designating information as protected under this part, the FAA does not disclose the information except as provided in this part.
(b) What findings does the FAA make before designating information as protected? The FAA designates information as protected under this part when the FAA finds that—
(1) The information is provided voluntarily;
(2) The information is safety or security related;
(3) The disclosure of the information would inhibit the voluntary provision of that type of information;
(4) The receipt of that type of information aids in fulfilling the FAA's safety and security responsibilities; and
(5) Withholding such information from disclosure, under the circumstances provided in this part, will be consistent with the FAA's safety and security responsibilities.
(c) How will the FAA handle requests for information under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA)? The FAA does not disclose information that is designated as protected under this part in response to a FOIA request.
(d) What if the FAA obtains from another source the same information I submit? Only information received under a program under this part is protected from disclosure under this part. Information obtained by the FAA through another means is not protected under this part.
(e) Sharing information with other agencies. The FAA may provide information that you have submitted under this part to other agencies with safety or security responsibilities. The agencies are subject to the requirements of 49 U.S.C. 40123 regarding nondisclosure of information. The FAA will give the information to another agency only if, for each such request, the other agency provides the FAA with adequate assurance, in writing, that—
(1) The agency has a safety or security need for the information, including the general nature of the need.
(2) The agency will protect the information from disclosure as required in 49 U.S.C. 40123, this part, and the designation. This includes a commitment that the agency will mark the information as provided in the designation.
(3) The agency will limit access to those with a need to know to carry out safety or security responsibilities.
(f) What if the FAA receives a subpoena for the information I submit? When the FAA receives a subpoena for information you have submitted under this part, the FAA contacts you to determine whether you object to disclosure of the information or you wish to participate in responding to the subpoena. If both you and the FAA determine that release of the information is appropriate, the information is released. Otherwise, the FAA will not release information designated as protected under this part unless ordered to do so by a court of competent jurisdiction.