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§ 417.115
(a) General. All flight, communication, and ground systems and equipment that a launch operator uses to protect the public from any adverse effects of a launch, must undergo testing as required by this part, and any corrective action and re-testing necessary to ensure reliable operation. A launch operator must—
(1) Coordinate test plans and all associated test procedures with any launch site operator or local authorities, as required by local agreements, associated with the operation; and
(2) Make test results, test failure reports, information on any corrective actions implemented and the results of re-test available to the FAA upon request.
(b) Flight safety system testing. A launch operator must only use a flight safety system and all flight safety system components, including any onboard launch vehicle flight termination system, command control system, and support system that satisfy the test requirements of subpart D of this part.
(c) Ground system testing. A launch operator must only use a system or equipment used to support hazardous ground operations identified by the ground safety analysis required by § 417.405 that satisfies the test requirements of paragraph (a) of this section.