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§ 29.473
Ground loading conditions and assumptions.
(a) For specified landing conditions, a design maximum weight must be used that is not less than the maximum weight. A rotor lift may be assumed to act through the center of gravity throughout the landing impact. This lift may not exceed two-thirds of the design maximum weight.
(b) Unless otherwise prescribed, for each specified landing condition, the rotorcraft must be designed for a limit load factor of not less than the limit inertia load factor substantiated under § 29.725.
(c) Triggering or actuating devices for additional or supplementary energy absorption may not fail under loads established in the tests prescribed in §§ 29.725 and 29.727, but the factor of safety prescribed in § 29.303 need not be used.
[Amdt. 29-3, 33 FR 966, Jan. 26, 1968]