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§ 158.85
Termination of authority to impose PFC's.
(a) The FAA begins proceedings to terminate the public agency's authority to impose a PFC only if the Administrator determines that informal resolution is not successful.
(b) The Administrator publishes a notice of proposed termination in the Federal Register and supplies a copy to the public agency. This notice will state the scope of the proposed termination, the basis for the proposed action and the date for filing written comments or objections by all interested parties. This notice will also identify any corrective actions the public agency can take to avoid further proceedings. The due date for comments and corrective action shall be no less than 60 days after publication of the notice.
(c) If corrective action has not been taken as prescribed by the Administrator, the FAA holds a public hearing, and notice is given to the public agency and published in the Federal Register at least 30 days prior to the hearing. The hearing will be in a form determined by the Administrator to be appropriate to the circumstances and to the matters in dispute.
(d) The Administrator publishes the final decision in the Federal Register. Where appropriate, the Administrator may prescribe corrective action, including any corrective action the public agency may yet take. A copy of the notice is also provided to the public agency.
(e) Within 10 days of the date of publication of the notice of the Administrator's decision, the public agency shall—
(1) Advise the FAA in writing that it will complete any corrective action prescribed in the decision within 30 days; or
(2) Provide the FAA with a listing of the air carriers and foreign air carriers operating at the airport and all other issuing carriers that have remitted PFC revenue to the public agency in the preceding 12 months.
(f) When the Administrator's decision does not provide for corrective action or the public agency fails to complete such action, the FAA provides a copy of the Federal Register notice to each air carrier and foreign air carrier identified in paragraph (e) of this section. Such carriers are responsible for terminating or modifying PFC collection no later than 30 days after the date of notification by the FAA.