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§ 151.83
(a) The construction, alteration, and repair of aprons are eligible program items upon being shown that they are needed as public use facilities. An apron to serve an area that is primarily for the exclusive or near exclusive use of a tenant or operator who does not furnish aircraft servicing to the public is not eligible. In addition, the policies on resealing or refilling joints, as set forth in § 151.77 apply also to apron paving.
(b) In determining public use for the purposes of this section, the current use being made of a hangar governs, unless there is definite information regarding its future use. In the case of an apron area being built for future hangars, it should be shown that early hangar development is assured and that the hangars will be public facilities.
(c) Appendix E of this part sets forth typical eligible and ineligible items of apron paving.