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§ 399.61
Presentations of public and civic bodies in route proceedings.
For the purpose of implementing the Board's policy to provide for the exclusion of irrelevant, immaterial, or unduly repetitious evidence and otherwise to expedite route proceedings, and in light of experience, the following guidelines are hereby established:
(a) Public and civic bodies which represent the same geographic area or community should consolidate their presentation of evidence, briefs or oral argument to the examiner and the Board;
(b) A public body or a civic organization, or several such bodies or organizations whose presentation of evidence is consolidated, should keep to a minimum the number of witnesses used to present the factual evidence in support of the community's position;
(c) Exhibits offered in evidence by a public body or civic organization should be limited to evidence of the economic characteristics of the community and area involved, data as to community of interest and traffic, evidence with respect to the sufficiency of existing service, and airport data, and should not include data relating to number of electricity, water and gas meters, telephones, schools, freight car loadings, building permits, sewer connections, or volume of bank deposits in the community.