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§ 413.21
Denial of a license application.
(a) The FAA informs an applicant, in writing, if it denies an application and states the reasons for denial.
(b) If the FAA has denied an application, the applicant may either:
(1) Attempt to correct any deficiencies identified and ask the FAA to reconsider the revised application. The FAA has 60 days or the number of days remaining in the review period, whichever is greater, within which to reconsider the decision; or
(2) Request a hearing in accordance with part 406 of this chapter, for the purpose of showing why the application should not be denied.
(c) An applicant whose license application is denied after reconsideration under paragraph (b)(1) of this section may request a hearing in accordance with paragraph (b)(2) of this section.
[Amdt. 413-03, 64 FR 19614, Apr. 21, 1999, as amended by Amdt. 413-9, 72 FR 17019, Apr. 6, 2007]