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§ 298.21
Filing for registration by air taxi operators.
(a) Every air taxi operator who plans to commence operations under this part shall register with the Department not later than 30 days prior to the commencement of such operations, unless, upon a showing of good cause satisfactory to the Manager, Program Management Branch (AFS-260), Federal Aviation Administration, registration within a lesser period of time is allowed.
(b) The registration of an air taxi operator shall remain in effect until it is amended by the carrier or canceled by the Department.
(c) Registration by all air taxi operators shall be accomplished by filing with the Department at the address specified in paragraph (d) of this section the following:
(1) Air Taxi Registration (OST Form 4507), executed in duplicate. 6 This form shall be certified by a responsible official and shall include the following information:
6 OST Form 4507 can be obtained from the Manager, Program Management Branch, Federal Aviation Administration, AFS-260, or on the World Wide Web at http://www.faa.gov/avr/afs/afs200/afs260/Part298.cfm.
(i) The name of the carrier and its mailing address;
(ii) The carrier's principal place of business, if different from its mailing address, and its telephone number and fax number;
(iii) The carrier's FAA certificate number, if any, and the address and telephone number of the carrier's local FAA office;
(iv) The type of service the carrier will offer (scheduled passenger, 7 scheduled cargo, mail under a U.S. Postal Service contract, on-demand passenger, on-demand cargo, or other service such as air ambulance operations, firefighting or seasonal operations);
7 Companies proposing to provide scheduled passenger service at the level established by this Part for commuter air carriers are not permitted to conduct such operations under their air taxi registration; such companies must first be found fit, willing and able to operate and be issued a Commuter Air Carrier Authorization by the Department.
(v) A list of the aircraft that the carrier proposes to operate, or, in the case of an amendment to the registration, the aircraft that it is currently operating in its air taxi operations, and the aircraft type, FAA registration number and passenger capacity of each aircraft;
(vi) For initial registration, the proposed date of commencement of air taxi operations;
(vii) For amendments, whether the carrier has carried passengers in foreign air transportation during the previous 12 months;
(viii) Whether the carrier is a citizen of the United States; and
(ix) A certification that the registration is complete and accurate and that, if the carrier is engaged in foreign air transportation, or participating in an interline agreement, it subscribes to the terms of Agreement 18900 (see OST Form 4523).
(2) A certificate of insurance (OST Form 6410) which is currently effective (or in case of initial registration, is to become effective), as defined in part 205 of this chapter;
(3) An 8 dollar ($8) registration filing fee in the form of a check, draft, or postal money order payable to the Department of Transportation.
(d) Registrations required in paragraph (c) of this section shall be submitted to the Department of Transportation, Federal Aviation Administration, Program Management Branch (AFS-260), 800 Independence Avenue, SW., Washington, DC 20591. For those air taxi operators that have a mailing address in the State of Alaska, the registrations shall be filed with the Department of Transportation, Federal Aviation Administration, Alaskan Region Headquarters (AAL-230), 222 West 7th Avenue, Box 14, Anchorage, Alaska 99513.