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§ 135.244
Operating experience.
(a) No certificate holder may use any person, nor may any person serve, as a pilot in command of an aircraft operated in a commuter operation, as defined in part 119 of this chapter unless that person has completed, prior to designation as pilot in command, on that make and basic model aircraft and in that crewmember position, the following operating experience in each make and basic model of aircraft to be flown:
(1) Aircraft, single engine—10 hours.
(2) Aircraft multiengine, reciprocating engine-powered—15 hours.
(3) Aircraft multiengine, turbine engine-powered—20 hours.
(4) Airplane, turbojet-powered—25 hours.
(b) In acquiring the operating experience, each person must comply with the following:
(1) The operating experience must be acquired after satisfactory completion of the appropriate ground and flight training for the aircraft and crewmember position. Approved provisions for the operating experience must be included in the certificate holder's training program.
(2) The experience must be acquired in flight during commuter passenger-carrying operations under this part. However, in the case of an aircraft not previously used by the certificate holder in operations under this part, operating experience acquired in the aircraft during proving flights or ferry flights may be used to meet this requirement.
(3) Each person must acquire the operating experience while performing the duties of a pilot in command under the supervision of a qualified check pilot.
(4) The hours of operating experience may be reduced to not less than 50 percent of the hours required by this section by the substitution of one additional takeoff and landing for each hour of flight.
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