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§ 201.7
General certificate conditions.
(a) It shall be a condition upon the holding of a certificate that any intentional failure by the holder to comply with any provision of Statute or any order, rule, or regulation issued thereunder or any term, condition, or limitation of such certificate shall be a failure to comply with the terms, conditions, and limitations of the certificate within the meaning of section 41110 of the Statute even though the failure to comply occurred outside the territorial limits of the United States, except to the extent that such failure shall be necessitated by an obligation, duty, or liability imposed by a foreign country.
(b) Failure to file the reports required by part 241, 291, or 298 of this chapter shall be sufficient grounds to revoke a certificate.
(c) The authority to transport U.S. mail under a certificate is permissive, unless the Department, by order or rule, directs a carrier or class of carriers to transport mail on demand of the U.S. Postal Service; such certificate confers no right to receive subsidy, for the carriage of mail or otherwise.
(d) An all-cargo air transportation certificate shall confer no right to carry passengers, other than cargo attendants accompanying a shipment, or to engage in any air transportation outside the geographical scope of interstate cargo transportation. Such certificate shall not, however, restrict the right of the holder to provide scheduled, charter, contract, or other transportation of cargo, by air, within that geographical scope.
(e) It shall be a condition upon the holding of a certificate that the holder have and maintain in effect and on file with the Department a signed counterpart of Agreement 18900 (OST Form 4523), and a tariff (for those carriers otherwise generally required to file tariffs) that includes its terms, and that the holder comply with all other requirements of part 203. OST Form 4523 may be obtained from the Office of Aviation Analysis, Special Authorities Division.
[Doc. No. 47582, 57 FR 38765, Aug. 27, 1992, as amended at 60 FR 43523, Aug. 22, 1995]