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§ 169.5
FAA determination.
(a) The Administrator issues a recommendation and certification if he finds that the airport or facility is reasonably necessary for use in air commerce or in the interests of national defense; that it conforms to all applicable plans and policies for, and allocations of, airspace; and that it otherwise complies with requirements of Federal law properly considered by the Administrator. The Administrator may grant the recommendation and certification subject to conditions that ensure conformity of the airport or facility with these standards.
(b) A recommendation and certification under this part, express or implied, does not extend to a modified version of an airport or facility to which it applies, or to an additional area or facility at the same airport.
(c) If the application is denied the Administrator notifies the applicant of the grounds for the denial. The Administrator may revoke a recommendation and certification for proper cause.
(d) The authority of the Administrator under this part is exercised by Regional Airports Division Managers as to airports or facilities within their respective regions.
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