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§ 183.53
Procedures manual.
No ODA Letter of Designation may be issued before the Administrator approves an applicant's procedures manual. The approved manual must:
(a) Be available to each member of the ODA Unit;
(b) Include a description of those changes to the manual or procedures that may be made by the ODA Holder. All other changes to the manual or procedures must be approved by the Administrator before they are implemented.
(c) Contain the following:
(1) The authorized functions and limitations, including the products, certificates, and ratings;
(2) The procedures for performing the authorized functions;
(3) Description of the ODA Holder's and the ODA Unit's organizational structure and responsibilities;
(4) A description of the facilities at which the authorized functions are performed;
(5) A process and a procedure for periodic audit by the ODA Holder of the ODA Unit and its procedures;
(6) The procedures outlining actions required based on audit results, including documentation of all corrective actions;
(7) The procedures for communicating with the appropriate FAA offices regarding administration of the delegation authorization;
(8) The procedures for acquiring and maintaining regulatory guidance material associated with each authorized function;
(9) The training requirements for ODA Unit personnel;
(10) For authorized functions, the procedures and requirements related to maintaining and submitting records;
(11) A description of each ODA Unit position, and the knowledge and experience required for each position;
(12) The procedures for appointing ODA Unit members and the means of documenting Unit membership, as required under § 183.61(a)(4) of this part;
(13) The procedures for performing the activities required by § 183.63 or § 183.65 of this part;
(14) The procedures for revising the manual, pursuant to the limitations of paragraph (b) of this section; and
(15) Any other information required by the Administrator necessary to supervise the ODA Holder in the performance of its authorized functions.